PMAY Chandigarh – Over 1 Lakh Applications Rejected

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Urban

PMAY Chandigarh – Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, if you had also applied online or offline, then it is a bad news.

Details of PMAY Chandigarh

In fact, under the PMAY Chandigarh, the Chandigarh Administration has rejected more than one lakh applications under the Housing for All Scheme whereas, under this scheme, a total of one lakh 27 thousand 997 people applied for the flat. The administration’s estate department has found flaws in the form of the applicants during the withdrawal.

In this case successful applicants are only 24 thousand 771. Now soon the door to door validation will start. One of the major conditions under this scheme was that the same people can apply under this scheme, who are living in the city before June 17, 2015. But 61 thousand 252 people were found, whose voters card was made only after this date.

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The voter list has also been checked for this. So most people are the ones whose applications have been rejected. Whereas 8660 applications have been received in which other members of the family had also applied. It is known that this housing scheme has been linked to all the applicants’ link. Apart from this the shortcomings of the application form have also been expedited.

Nearly 10 thousand People Have Houses in the city

In the trim, it has been found that 10 thousand 174 applicants have been found who have already been alloted from Chandigarh on behalf of Estate Department and CHB. While 2410 people are those who have recently been allotted houses. 1113 applicants have been found who have more than one property in other states of the country.

Whereas the same people could apply under this scheme, those who have no house before. 5776 people have been found who have filled more than one form. There are 11 thousand 343 people whose base card number was weak. Most people have filled up the number of 12 digits instead of 14. 1574 There are other types of mistakes in application forms. It is known that the Housing Board had applied for the application under this scheme till April 20.


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