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Check NREGA Job Card List 2023 (State Wise) & Download MGNREGA Job Cards at nrega.nic.in

The NREGA Job Card List for the year 2023 enables individuals to verify their inclusion in the NREGA Job Card List (also known as नरेगा जॉब कार्ड लिस्ट 2023) or download their job cards directly from the official website nrega.nic.in. The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 (MGNREGA) grants job cards to impoverished families throughout the country, containing comprehensive information regarding the assigned tasks for the cardholders or NREGA beneficiaries. Each year, a new NREGA job card is prepared for every beneficiary, and its status can be easily verified on the MGNREGA’s official website at nrega.nic.in.

By referring to the NREGA job card list for 2023, you can access a complete roster of individuals from your village or town who will be provided employment opportunities under the MGNREGA during the financial year 2023. The NREGA job card list undergoes annual updates, with new beneficiaries being added and some individuals being removed based on specific criteria. Individuals meeting the eligibility requirements for NREGA can apply for an NREGA job card.

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The NREGA job card list encompasses a time span of the past 12 years, from 2010-11 to 2023, and covers 35 states and union territories across the nation. To download the state-wise compilation of NREGA job cards, you can easily follow a set of straightforward instructions.

NREGA Job Card List 2023 State Wise Download Links

S. No.Name of StateJob Card List
1Andaman & Nicobar (UT)View List
2Andhra PradeshView List
3Arunachal PradeshView List
4AssamView List
5BiharView List
6Chandigarh (UT)View List
7ChhattisgarhView List
8Dadra & Nagar Haveli (UT)View List
9Daman & Diu (UT)View List
10GoaView List
11GujaratView List
12HaryanaView List
13Himachal PradeshView List
14Jammu Kashmir (UT)View List
15JharkhandView List
16KarnatakaView List
17KeralaView List
18Lakshadweep (UT)View List
19Madhya PradeshView List
20MaharashtraView List
21ManipurView List
22MeghalayaView List
23MizoramView List
24NagalandView List
25OdishaView List
26Puducherry (UT)View List
27PunjabView List
28RajasthanView List
29SikkimView List
30Tamil NaduView List
31TripuraView List
32Uttar PradeshView List
33UttarakhandView List
34West BengalView List
35TelanganaView List
36Ladakh (UT)View List

NREGA Job Card List State Wise Download

*UT Means Union Territory

Download NREGA Job Card 2023

To download the NREGA Job Card for the year 2023, kindly follow the step-by-step procedure provided below. This will guide you through the process of obtaining your job card from the official website of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA).

STEP 1: Begin by clicking on the respective state link from the table above. This action will direct you to the MGNREGA Gram Panchayat module (reports) page, as illustrated below.

STEP 2: Alternatively, you can use this direct link and choose your state or union territory from the page displayed, as shown below.

STEP 3: Once on the page, proceed by selecting the financial year, district, block, and Gram Panchayat. Afterward, click on the “Proceed” button to access the comprehensive report, which includes the Job Card number and corresponding names. Refer to the example image below to visualize the NREGA Gram Panchayat List.

STEP 4: Locate the Job Card number associated with your name in the adjacent column and click on it. This action will open your MGNREGA Job Card, as depicted in the following example:

STEP 5: The downloaded job card can be utilized to avail employment opportunities as per your eligibility.

For the complete state-wise list of NREGA Job Cards under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005, please visit the official website at nrega.nic.in. This list provides information regarding the requested period of employment, the period and type of work offered for employment, and the period and type of work for which employment was provided.

Also Read

What is MGNREGA Act, 2005?

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), also known as the NREGA, is an Indian labor law and social security measure enacted in September 2005. Its primary objective is to ensure the “right to work” by providing employment opportunities and livelihood security in rural areas. Under this scheme, each household is entitled to a minimum of 100 days of wage employment per financial year, with adult members actively participating in unskilled labor.

From April 1, 2008, the scope of the NREGA was expanded to cover all districts in India, making it the world’s largest and most ambitious social security and public works program. In addition to generating employment, the MGNREGA also aims to create durable assets such as roads, canals, ponds, and wells. The program ensures that employment opportunities are offered within a 5-kilometer radius of the applicant’s residence, and minimum wages are guaranteed for the work performed.

How Does NREGA Scheme Benefit Poor People?

Under the NREGA Scheme, if applicants do not receive employment within 15 days of applying, they are entitled to receive an unemployment allowance. This means that in cases where the government fails to provide employment, it is obligated to provide specific allowances to individuals facing unemployment. Thus, employment under the NREGA Scheme is legally guaranteed, ensuring the fulfillment of this entitlement. The implementation of the MGNREGA primarily rests with the gram panchayats (GPs), and the involvement of contractors is prohibited.

Beyond providing economic security and creating rural assets, the NREGA holds the potential to contribute to various other aspects, including environmental conservation, empowerment of rural women, reduction of rural-urban migration, and promotion of social equity. The law incorporates numerous safeguards to facilitate effective management and implementation. It explicitly outlines the principles and agencies responsible for implementation, the list of permissible works, the financing framework, mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation, and most significantly, comprehensive measures to ensure transparency and accountability.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the NREGA Job Card

What is the purpose of a Job Card?

 A Job Card is a crucial document that captures the entitlements of workers under the MGNREGA. It serves as a legal authorization for registered households to apply for work, ensures transparency in the process, and safeguards workers against fraudulent practices.

How can one register for employment under the NREGA? 

Households with adult members seeking unskilled wage employment under the MGNREGA can apply for registration. The application can be submitted either on the prescribed form or on plain paper to the local Gram Panchayat. To accommodate families that may migrate, registration is open throughout the year at the Gram Panchayat office.

How is a “Household” defined under the MGNREGA? 

A “Household” refers to family members who are related to each other through blood, marriage, or adoption. They normally reside together, share meals, or possess a common ration card.

What is the significance of conducting a door-to-door survey to identify eligible households under the MGNREGA? 

The door-to-door survey plays a crucial role in identifying eligible households that may have been inadvertently missed during registration but wish to be included under the Act. It should be carried out by each Gram Panchayat annually, preferably at a time when people have not migrated to other areas in search of employment or for other reasons.

Who is eligible to apply for Job Card registration? 

Any household with adult members who are interested in seeking unskilled employment under the MGNREGA is eligible to apply for Job Card registration.

How frequently can one register for a Job Card?

 Registration for a Job Card can be done throughout the year.

Who can apply for a Job Card on behalf of a household? 

Any adult member of the household can apply for a Job Card on behalf of the household.

How is an adult defined within a household? 

An adult refers to an individual who has reached the age of 18 or above.

Can all adult members of a household register for a Job Card? 

Yes, all adult members of a household who are willing to engage in unskilled manual work can register themselves to obtain a Job Card under the MGNREGA.

Is there a pre-printed form for providing details while registering for a Job Card?

While the State Government may provide a printed form as per the format prescribed in the MGNREGA Operational Guidelines 2013, it should not be insisted upon.

What are the issues that the Gram Panchayat needs to verify when an application is made for a Job Card?

The Gram Panchayat needs to verify whether the household mentioned in the application is a genuine entity, whether the applicant households are local residents in the concerned Gram Panchayat, and whether the applicants are adult members of the household. The verification process should be completed within two weeks of receiving the application.

For how many years is the registration for a Job Card valid?

The registration for a Job Card is valid for five years and can be renewed or revalidated as per the prescribed process when required.

What is the process to be followed if the information provided in the application is found to be incorrect?

If the information in the application is found to be incorrect, the Gram Panchayat will refer the application to the Program Officer (PO). The PO will independently verify the facts, provide an opportunity for the person concerned to be heard, and then direct the Gram Panchayat to either register the household, reject the application, or correct the particulars and reprocess the application.

What is the time limit for issuing Job Cards if the application is correct?

Job Cards should be issued to all eligible households within two weeks after completing the necessary verification of eligibility.

Can the Job Card be handed over to any member of the household?

Yes, the Job Card can be handed over to any adult member of the applicant’s household in the presence of a few other residents of the Gram Panchayat.

Should the applicant bear the cost of the Job Card, including the photograph affixed on it?

No, the cost of the Job Cards, including the photograph affixed on them, is covered under the administrative expenses and is borne as part of the program cost.

If a person has a grievance regarding the non-issuance of a Job Card, whom should they approach?

The matter can be brought to the notice of the Program Officer (PO). If the grievance is against the PO, then the matter can be escalated to the District Program Coordinator (DPC) or the designated grievance redressal authority at the block or district level.

Is there a time limit for addressing grievances related to the non-issuance of a Job Card?

Yes, all such complaints should be resolved within 15 days.

Is there a provision for providing a duplicate Job Card if the original one is lost?

Yes, a Job Cardholder can apply for a duplicate Job Card if the original card is lost or damaged. The application should be submitted to the Gram Panchayat and processed as a new application, with the particulars also verified using the duplicate copy of the Job Card maintained by the Panchayat.

Who is the custodian of the Job Card?

The Job Card should always be in the custody of the household to whom it is issued. If it needs to be taken by implementing agencies for record updates, it should be returned on the same day. Possessing Job Cards without a valid reason, if found with any Panchayat or MGNREGA functionary, is considered an offense punishable under Section 25 of the Act.

Can any adult member of a household seek wage employment?

Yes, every adult member of a registered household whose name appears on the Job Card is entitled to apply for unskilled manual work

Official References

Direct Link to check NREGA Job Card list 2022-2023 https://nrega.nic.in/Netnrega/stHome.aspx
Official Website: https://nregastrep.nic.in/

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