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Ikhedut Portal Yojana List 2022, આઈ ખેડૂત પોર્ટલ યોજના ૨૦૨૨

Every state government tries to provide benefits to their farmers. The Indian prime minister has taken a major step for the benefits of Indian farmers’ work. By providing different different schemes to farmers. The Gujarat government has taken initiative to grow their kisan’s products by giving low cost subsidies. find here Ikhedut Portal Yojana List 2022.

The Gujarat government has launched a one-stop, Ikhedut portal, to make it easier for state residents to apply for government schemes. Through the portal, residents can access and apply for schemes from a range of government departments all in one place.
Are you a farmer in Gujarat? If so, then you’ll be pleased to know that the ikhedut Portal Yojana List for 2022 is now available! You can check the list of Gujarat iKhedut portal schemes for farming, horticulture, fisheries, water conservation and many more, and apply online on ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and make the most of this great opportunity!

Ikhedut Portal Yojana List 2022 : Farmers in Gujarat who want to take advantage of government programs and services can apply online by visiting the ikhedut portal. They can also check the status of their applications on this website. According to ikhedut, Gujarat farmers are eligible for benefits from various programs, such as crop insurance, subsidies, and loan waivers.

ikhedut Portal Yojana Overview

Name of the PortalIkhedut Portal
Launched byGovernment of Gujarat
Launched forThe farmers of the state
ObjectiveTo provide each and every services at online portal
BenefitsFarmers have to benefit from various government schemes
Mode of applicationOnline
Application availabilityAvailable
Official websitehttps://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in

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Ikhedut Portal login Procedure

Step 1 – Go to the official website of Ikhedut Portal. (https://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in/)

Step 2 – Now the home page will open in front of you.

Step 3 – On the home page right corner, Click on the link for login.

Step 4 – Now a new page will open, You will have to enter your Username, Password and Captcha Code.

Ikhedut Portal login Procedure

Step 5 – Now click on the Login button.

Step 6 – In this way you will be able to login.

How to check ikhedut portal application status ?

Step 1 – Visite the official website of Ikhedut Portal. (https://ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in/)

Step 2 – You will see the homepage here, On this home page you will see the option of Application Status.

Step 3 – You have to click on this option.

Step 4 – After clicking on the option a form will open in front of you

How to check ikhedut portal application status

Step 4 – In this form you have to fill your registered mobile number and application number of your form. And then fill the captcha code.

Step 5 – After this click on the button of View Application Status.

ikhedut Portal Yojana List 2022

The ikhedut Portal Yojana List is a scheme designed to help improve the quality of life for farmers in Gujarat, India. The scheme provides farmers with access to the ikhedut portal, which gives them information about and access to tools and resources for cultivation and animal husbandry. The list of ikhedut portal schemes is given below.

iKhetivadi Yojana List 2022

  1. Agro Service / Provider Unit
  2. Combined harvester
  3. Cultivator
  4. Scheme to encourage farmers to increase crop value
  5. Groundnut digger
  6. Chaff cutter (engine / eel. Motor operated)
  7. Chaff cutter (tractor / power operated)
  8. Tractor
  9. Tarpaulin
  10. Paddy Trans Transplanter (Self
  11. Plow (all types)
  12. Planter (other types)
  13. Animal powered sowing
  14. Crop Storage Structure (Godown)

The Khetivadi Yojana List of the Agriculture Department is given below.

  1. Power thresher
  2. Potato Digger
  3. Potato planter
  4. Post-harvest equipment
  5. Post hole digger
  6. Form Machinery Bank -up to 10 lakhs
  7. Farm Machinery Bank – Up to 25 lakhs
  8. Farm Machinery Bank (in selected districts)
  9. Brush cutter
  10. Baler (Tractor Driven Baler)
  11. Man-powered scythe (harvesting tool)
  12. Freight vehicle
  13. Riser/bundformer/furrower
  14. Reaper/Binder (All Types)

Khetivadi Yojana List

  1. Rotary Power Tiller (Self Propelled) / Power Weeder
  2. Rotavator
  3. Land leveler
  4. Laser Land Leveler
  5. Wheel Hoe
  6. Sower/Automatic Drill
  7. Winnowing fan
  8. Shredder/Mobile Shredder
  9. Subsoiler
  10. Smart Hand Tools Kit
  11. Harrow (all types)
  12. Hi-Tech, High Productive Equipment Hub
  13. Tractor operated sprayer
  14. Crop protection equipment – ​​power-operated
  15. Solar light trap
  16. Assistance on smartphone purchase
  17. Pump sets
  18. Scheme to provide assistance for the construction of water tanks
  19. Water carrying pipeline

Bagyati Yojana List  2022

  1. GAP Certification Certification (with Structural Incorporation)
  2. Support for intensively grown fruit crops
  3. Assistance scheme for other aromatic crops
  4. Pineapple (TSU) Scheme
  5. A plan to make semi-ripe mandap-vine vegetable pedals
  6. Eco friendly light trap scheme
  7. Evaporative / Low Energy Total Chamber (Capacity 8 MT)
  8. A plan for a manufacturing unit
  9. Inputs for intercropping in oil palm
  10. Support Price of Oilpalm Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB).
  11. Plan for oil palm plantation area
  12. Open Pollinated Crops Scheme
  13. Assistance Scheme for Cultivation of Medicinal / Aromatic Crops
  14. New Distillation Unit Scheme for Medicinal Aromatic Crops
  15. Support for tuberous flowers
    List of Horticultural Schemes
  16. Assistance in setting up a composting unit
  17. Plantain (TSU) Assistance Scheme
  18. Kacha mandap tomato/chilli and other vegetable trellises scheme
  19. Planting material assistance to increase cashew plantation area
  20. Cold Storage (Construction, Expansion and Modernization)
  21. For technology induction and modernization of cold chain
  22. Cold chain management program
  23. Support scheme to promote cold chain
  24. Cold Room (Staging) (Capacity 30 M. Tons)
  25. Greenhouse and tissue lab. Power rate assistance
  26. For intensively cultivated fruit crops—mango, guava, pomegranate, lemon
  27. Stranding of ongoing tissue culture lab
  28. loose flowers
  29. Renovation/ regeneration of old orchards with canopy management
  30. Tractor (up to 20 PTO HP)

Bagayati Yojana List

  1. Tractor Mounted/ Operated Sprayer (above 35BHP)/ Electrostatic Sprayer
  2. Tractor Mounted/Operated Sprayer (less than 20 BHP)
  3. Tools, equipment, shorting/grading equipment, PHM equipment (weighing forks, packing materials, plastic crates with equipment like shorting/grading machinery)
  4. Aid in cultivation of tissue culture Kharek
  5. Dri5 Irrigation National Mission on Oilseed and Oilpalm (HRT – 6)
  6. Water tanks for drip irrigation
  7. Diesel/ Electric/ Petrol Pumpset- (Oilpalm HRT – 6)
  8. Assistance to Devipujak farmers in seeding of melons, sweet potatoes and vegetables
  9. Stem Flowers (Cut Flowers)
  10. Nethouse – support for cylindrical structures
  11. Assistance for improving nursery infrastructure
  12. Assistance for establishment of new tissue culture lab
  13. Support for small nursery (1 Ha.).
  14. Assistance to exporters for irradiation process of horticultural crops
  15. Bird/Hail Protection Net Assistance Scheme
  16. Packhouse (9 x 6 m.)
  17. Papaya cropping plan
  18. Primary/ Mobile/ Minimal Processing Unit
  19. Pre-cooling unit (capacity 6 ton)
  20. Plug Nursery Scheme
    Establishment of Plant Health Clinic
  21. Plantation Crops (Cashew and Cocoa)
  22. Assistance Scheme for Import of Planting Material
  23. Plastic cover (mulching)
  24. Plan for Plastic Tunnels
  25. Plastic Mulch Laying Machine
  26. Pusa Zero Energy Total Chamber (100 kg)
  27. Peddles of ripe porch-vine vegetables
  28. Power Tiller (less than 8 BHP)
  29. Power tiller (above 8 BHP)
  30. Power Knapsack Sprayer / Power Operated Taiwan Sprayer (12-16L Capacity)
  31. Power Knapsack Sprayer / Power Operated Taiwan Sprayer (Capacity above 16L)
  32. Power Knapsack Sprayer / Power Operated Taiwan Sprayer (8-12L Capacity)
  33. For planting material of rose and lilium grown in poly house/shednet house and for cultivation expenses
  34. For planting material and cultivation cost of carnation and gerbera grown in poly house/shade net house
  35. For Polyhouse (Naturally Ventilated)-Cylindrical Structure
  36. Support for soilless culture in polyhouse / nethouse
  37. For planting material and cultivation cost of orchids and anthuriums grown in polyhouses/shadenet houses
  38. For planting material and cultivation expenses of high value vegetables grown in polyhouses
  39. Functional Infrastructure (Collection, Shortening/Grading, Packing Units etc. as well as Quality Control/Analytical Laboratory)
  40. Assistance scheme for providing free umbrella/shade cover to small vendors to prevent wastage of fruits and vegetables
  41. To purchase hybrid seeds of fruit/vegetable crops
  42. Assistance in fertile planting material
  43. Fruit Plantations (For Dang District – HRT-10)
  44. Fruits like avocado, kiwi, passion fruit etc
  45. Assistance in packing materials under post harvest management of horticultural produce
  46. Assistance for new units of possession of horticultural crops
  47. Aid in water soluble fertilizers in horticultural crops
  48. Establishment of Bio Control Laboratory
  49. For bee colony production by bee breeder
  50. Bore Well / Tube Well / Water Harvest Structure / Pond (Oilpalm: HRT – 6)
  51. bee colony
  52. Bee Hive Plan
  53. Manual sprayer – knapsack/foot operated sprayer
  54. Machinery and Tools National Mission on Oilseed and Oilpalm (HRT – 6)
  55. Spice crops (seed spices and rhizomatic spices)
  56. Mobile Prefilling Unit
  57. Refrigerated Transport Vehicle
  58. Ripening Chamber (Maximum Capacity 300 MT)
  59. Retail Market / Outlet (Controlled Environment)
  60. Land Development Tillage and seedbed preparation equipment
  61. Establishment of Leaf Tissue Analysis Laboratory
  62. For Low Cost Onion Storage Structure (Capacity 25 MT)
  63. Low Cost Preservation Unit
  64. Fruit crops other than fruit crops with high cultivation costs
  65. Aromatic crops with high cultivation costs (patcholi, geranium, rosemary etc.)
  66. Vermi compost / organic input production unit
  67. Aid in tissue culture produced planting material for vining vegetable crops
  68. Sowing, planting, harvesting and digging equipment
  69. Walk in Tunnels scheme
  70. Integrated cold chain supply system
  71. Integrated pack house with conveyor belt, shortening, grading unit, washing, drying and weighing facilities (size 9m x 18m)
  72. Static/mobile vending cart/ platform with cooling chamber
  73. Support for strawberry crop
  74. Organic Product Certification
  75. Adopting Organic Farming (Program with Certification)
  76. Support for Spawn Making Unit
  77. Assistance in sorghum cultivation
  78. Self-propelled horticultural machinery assistance
  79. Honey Extractor (4 Frame), Food Grade Container (30 Kg), Net for Beekeeping Equipment
  80. Assistance in freight for export of horticultural produce by air
  81. Hi-Tech Greenhouse (Fan & Pad)
  82. Hi-Tech Nursery (4 Ha.)
  83. Assistance for the cultivation of hybrid watermelon and sweet potato
  84. Hybrid Seed Assistance Scheme

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List of Documents Required for Registration at ikhedut Portal

Find below given documents required to apply for Ikhedut portals schemes. ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in portal.
Aadhaar Card

  • Identity Card
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Bank Passbook
  • Mobile Number (For Registration)

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